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“In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle the quiet jungle
The lion sleeps tonight”.

Source: Single by The Tokens, from the album; The Lion Sleeps Tonight (November 1961)


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Welcome to my platform created for small business owners who want to learn modern digital marketing strategies & grow a successful business they love!

 Modern digital marketing is a fast-paced, cutthroat jungle that is constantly testing business owners to pull out all their survival tricks. It’s real easy to feel lost & bewildered in the Digital Jungle (I know, I've been there).
No matter what you do or sell online, or how good your products and services might be it is easy to be swallowed whole by hungry tigers or lions. Many small businesses are fighting their way to be placed on Google’s 1st page and for their customer’s attention. It’s no walk in the park and expecting things to magically fall into your lap just because you’ve spent money on creating a cool website is unfortunately not the way digital marketing works.
If you are a small business owner too busy to figure this all out and are frantically trying to survive in the jungle; I don’t blame you.
BUT I’m here to help. I will be your guide to show you the way to not only survive but to thrive in this new digital jungle. 
My marketing philosophy is simple: Your customer is the center of your business. In the words of Steve Jobs:
Any marketing or digital marketing strategy is a cohesive whole. You need to fit all the puzzle pieces to create a digital marketing strategy to serve your customer better than your competitors.
I am going to show you step-by-step how to create this DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN and to manage your digital presence successfully online. You can select one of the following options based on your digital abilities, time and budget:2




Here you will find a selection of awesome systems, tech goodies, and
marketing-must-haves, all in one place handpicked to make your life easier.


Let me train and equip you with my hands-on training & coaching.
Online courses + interactive coaching to enable YOU to connect with YOUR customers in the digital age.

Social Media Management

Monthly management of three main social media channels for your business so that you can focus on your work and stop worrying about what goes out and when (Social Media Audit included). 

Make it happen